Storrington Conservation Society – August Newsletter

‘In July the sun is hot. Is it shining? No it’s not’. So sang Michael Flanders, accompanied by Donald Swann.

That was some sixty years ago. Well, this July the sun shone and we had the hottest day on record. We are told we can expect more of the same due to climate change. Hard to argue when the most recent coldest winter was in 1962/63, when it snowed on Boxing Day and the drifts didn’t clear until Easter. Hotter summers are accompanied by heavier and more frequent rainfall, to which recent flooding in some parts of the country bear witness.

We may find the heat oppressive and the rain causing us problems, but we usually manage to adapt in the short term. Not so for much of the wildlife. Lives of plants and animals are threatened by such rapid climate change, to which they find it hard to adjust. They are also vulnerable to diseases which cold weather keeps in check, but which thrive in warmth. In the long term, we are all affected by climate change.

It is a global problem, we may feel there is only a little we can do. That little is worth doing. We can reduce our use of irreplaceable resources which give rise to carbon dioxide, recycle as much as possible, minimise waste. Lobby those in Parliament to act on the declaration that the situation is an emergency, and to set an example for other nations to follow. Much can be achieved if enough of us do our bit.

September Work Party

There will be no work party in August, due to the summer break. We get together again on 7th September at 10.00am back at Fryern Dell to continue the restoration of the Victorian Pleasure Garden, clearing invasive species and making paths accessible. As usual, there will be the welcome coffee break. We look forward to seeing any who wish to join us.

For information about this and all our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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