Storrington Conservation Society: February Newsletter

Photo of snowdrops

In 1961 Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley wrote a popular musical called ‘Stop the world – I want to get off’. The title had been inspired by the spray paint work of a graffiti artist. It said something many felt at the time. No doubt today many feel the same.

The urge to pull the blankets over our heads and hope problems will go away is very strong. Not likely. The news tells us things we prefer not to hear. Currently the coronavirus is dominating the headlines. Despite great efforts to contain the disease, it is travelling around the world. A reminder of the global interconnectedness we live with. The spread of the virus is just an example of its consequences. The chief of which is climate change. We are all involved, both as contributors and current or potential victims. Just as each drop of rain adds to the flood, so each of us adds to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We can all do something to minimise our contribution. Change of travel arrangements, food, use of energy, clothes are just some items to consider. In the 17th century John Donne famously wrote ‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is . . . a part of the main. . . . I am involved’. That doesn’t change.

The work party members on 1st February in Fryern Dell were gladdened by the sight of snowdrops as clearance of invasive vegetation continued. The coffee break also brought cheer and a chance to chat. We next meet on 7th March, the first time at Hurston Warren SSSI, an important local site. For details, see our website…

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