Storrington Conservation Society – July 2021 Newsletter

Photo of European Ash tree

Our Saturday 3rd July work morning went ahead as arranged, despite the rain. We carried out our summer work around Old Mill Drive and West Street Garden for the first time since 2019. With two years of growth needing attention, the trimming of shrubs and trees was a timely exercise. The usual coffee break, now with some restrictions being lifted, gave the opportunity to enjoy a chat. We all know the enormous impact the Corona virus has had worldwide, not only in limiting socialising, however, at the time of writing, we have realistic hopes that a more normal way of life is on the way.

It is not only people who experience pandemics. Recently it has become noticeable that many trees alongside roads are being felled. A drastic but necessary response to ash dieback. Like the Corona virus, it emanated from East Asia and has spread across Europe. It is a fungus against which our native ash trees have not yet developed immunity, so they are killed by it. When they die they become dangerous, hence the need for felling them to prevent harm to people and property. Those trees in remote areas not likely to cause such damage are left in the hope that some of them will develop immunity and so preserve the species. It is not only the trees themselves that suffer, felling also represents loss of habitat for other forms of wildlife, changing the shape of the countryside. Cleared areas will provide opportunities for other native species, such as oak and sycamore, so there is something to look forward to. It is not all bad news.

There is no work party in August, our summer break, so our next work morning will be on 5th September in Fryern Dell to continue with the woodland management and restoration of the Victorian Pleasure Garden. Starting as usual at 10.00am. Come and join us, gardening clothes recommended, other equipment provided.

For information about our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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