Storrington Conservation Society – May 2023 Newsletter

Storrington Conservation Society

Most of those whose legitimate business or sport is disrupted by protesters are understandably irritated. The protests relating to climate change in central London and the Snooker World Championship are cases in point. One competitor remarked, “There must be better ways of protesting”. However, he did not offer any alternative. Many ways have been tried. Peaceful demonstrations, Parliamentary debates, letters to politicians, disinvestment from polluting companies, speeches by respected figures like Sir David Attenborough. At best, these have been met with pledges, setting of targets and conference resolutions. Most of which are routinely ignored or watered down. For example, coal mining and oil drilling continues, in some cases, increases. All
the while senior scientists warn that the situation is becoming critical. Action is urgently needed before the irreversible stage is reached. No wonder some people become so angry at inaction that  they protest. They do so not out of self interest but because all life is threatened. They are like the lookout who warns the ship is heading for the rocks unless there is a change of course. We may not always agree with what the protesters do, nor be prepared to join them, but we need to remember they are not mindless vandals, but are desperate to see effective action taken. We are all in the same ship.

If protest is not our style, we can all do our bit towards saving the planet. There is plenty of good advice, taking it is up to each one of us. The Conservation Society is doing its bit, by caring for local nature, benefitting the environment in the interests of all.

The work party on 4th May met to clear litter etc. from the boardwalk section of Riverside Walk, recycling where possible. It met again on 20th May to prepare Riverside for the duck race. Our work party returns to Fryern Dell on 3rd June at 10.00am. A work programme has now been agreed so we can continue with our restoration project there. Do come and join us in this worthwhile work , good company and coffee break to be enjoyed.

For information about this rearrangement and our other activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website. .

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