Storrington Conservation Society Newsletter – May 2022

A hand showing a small plant growing in the soil

How important is your garden? It may seem a silly question, but it may be surprising to know that our gardens cover 5% of UK land: about the same area as that covered by the all protected nature reserves combined.

So our gardens are very important. They can play a vital part in achieving the Government’s pledge to protect 30% of our land for nature by 2030. A stiff target. By growing insect friendly flowers, shrubs and trees, adding nest boxes, insect hotels and wildlife shelters, a wonderful environment for a whole range of species can be yours. How rewarding it can be, as when butterflies and birds become frequent visitors, even residents, in your garden? And if neighbours are able to work together, larger scale schemes are possible, perhaps including ponds, attracting a wider range of wildlife. We are fortunate that organisations like the RSPB and the National Trust also do much to establish healthy environments by restoring wetlands and by planting and protecting blossoming trees, for example. All of which are producing results for wildlife to enjoy, and as a consequence, for us to enjoy as well. So it is good to know that those of us who have gardens, of whatever size, can also share in the vital recovery what has been lost by human activity.

At our meeting on 7th May the plan was to clear the Riverside Walk banks and stream for the benefit the Duck Race, but as there is no race this year, instead we met at Hurston Warren SSSI to control invasive bracken, preparation of the site for sand lizards. Our next meeting is on 4th June at 10.00 am at The Glade to carry out the annual path clearance there. All are welcome to come and enjoy fresh air and friendly company – and a break for coffee. For information about this and our other activities, or on becoming a member, (no subscription is required, donations welcome) please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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