Storrington recycling initiative first anniversary

Effective Recycling August 2022

In June, the small Storrington group of recyclers passed the first anniversary of the opening up of our collecting point for Single Use Plastic (SUP) at the Chanctonbury Leisure Centre. We can celebrate the fact that we are now sorting between 10 and 12Kg per week to the Sussex Green Living (SGL) despatch point in Horsham, for recycling within the UK, through the Terracycle group.

Most importantly I would like to thank all of the local volunteers for their continued willingness to support this initiative. Collectively the group would like to express our appreciation to those people who continue to contribute clean, dry recycling, which we can sort efficiently.

On the other hand, we do also have some disappointments. The recycling volunteers, like everybody else, are busy people. They volunteered specifically to support the SGL SUP programme. When we receive large quantities of items which are not part of this programme, the volunteers don’t feel that what they are doing is as effective as they would have liked. Please read the list on the top, and inside the bins at Chanctonbury, and only bring us what we are asking for.

Please read the information below, to remind you of what you can do to effectively recycle some of the incorrect items which we received during the last 6 weeks

Supermarket Recycling
The soft plastic packaging, carrier bags, film lids, bubble wrap and clothes bags from many items can be taken to the new Supermarket collections when you go for your weekly shop, or you can ask the driver bringing a home delivery, to take packaging back with him.

Horsham Council Blue top recycling bins
The 15 x 4pt plastic milk bottles which practically filled one of our bins one weekend, should have been put in a household blue top recycling bin. The proper place for water and fizzy drink bottles is also your blue top recycling bin, or one of the smart new 2-compartment HDC street bins, which have begun to appear round Storrington.

Did you know that empty blister packs from pills of all kinds can be put in your HDC blue top bin?

Horsham Council Small Electrical Items free Collection
You can book a free collection for small electrical household items, including unwanted phones, on-line on the HDC Recycling and Waste collection site for a date that suits you,.

Podback Coffee Pod free delivery back to Manufacturer
Most types of coffee pod can easily be sent to the manufacturer’s recycling agent, at no charge.  At the  Podback website, you can order up to 10 of the free Podback bags; fill up, take to the nearest Collect+ point, for free shipping back to recycling.
(Please don’t just drop them loose in our SGL bin!)

You can contact if you have questions on recycling items.
We are always happy to welcome additional volunteers who may be interested in joining us.

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