Warning – Fraudsters in Storrington

Fraud alert

Our Neighbourhood Wardens would like to bring to everyone’s attention the following scam. Two females have been approaching residents in the Waitrose carpark with a fluorescent green clipboard stating they are representing the ‘Deaf Society’ and asking for donations.

Police have confirmed that today (12th November 2020) that an elderly lady had withdrawn money from a cash point machine at Barclays and was then approached by the 2 females purporting to represent ‘The Deaf Society’. The victim handed over a donation of £10.00 and after the two females walked away the victim realised the remainder of the substantial amount she had just withdrawn was missing. This is a classic distraction theft.

There have been several similar instances of this fraud occurring in our village, particularly in and around Mill Square and the car parks nearby. Our advice is if you should wish to donate any money to a charity then inform the person approaching you that you will do so online. If they are legitimate, then they will thank you for your vigilance and support.

Should you receive an approach from any such charity collectors, and you feel that it is suspicious please call Sussex Police on 101.

Storrington Wardens
Storrington & Sullington Neighbourhood Wardens
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